Dear Dojocho, welcome to the Shin Kazze online registration form for Kyu grade members.  In order to manage our Aikido Alliance and to ensure that grading requirements are adhered to so that when promotions or grading are done there are no issues with number of days practiced and other problems that can come up when applying for upgrade to kyu ranking.

The Information Management Committed (IMC) is working to simplify and streamline this administrative processes for the benefit of our member dojos and to help with individual members development in Aikido.  Please follow these simple instructions in order to ensure that each registration goes through without any problems. 

Please let us know if you are having any issues <>.

  1. All fields are required, so please complete the form 100%
  2. Nationality field, has many countries represented in th drop down list but let us know if there should be an addition to the current list.
  3. Email field is really important as we expand our use of internet for communications to both dojocho and dojo membership.
  4. The language field is essential to ensure that all communications are sent in the appropriate language and this form has been develop to be uni-lingual.
  5. Kyu Rank, Kyu Promotion Date, Kyu Promoter and Kyu Promotion Status are all important so please be as accurate as possible.
  6. Dojo Name and Dojo ID are very important fields to complete accurately as that is the way we connect each SK member to the appropriate home dojo where they practice. By selecting the correct Dojo Name you will find the correct Dojo ID# for the last field