Dear Dojocho, welcome to the Shin Kaze online search form for existing Shin Kaze members who are already in the database and you wish to delete from the database. You may wish to delete them for any number of reasons including they no longer practice or are have been on a leave of absence from the dojo and aren’t coming back.

In order to delete this record you will need the Record ID # of the individual to ensure you are deleting the data of the correct member of your dojo. This can be found on the Dojo Roster spreadsheet sent to you as part of your annual renewal of dojo and members. Without the correct ID number you will not be able to delete this record, so please copy and paste into the field provided as well as their first and last name. Also please be aware as this is a permanent request to delete needs to be approved by a member of the board. Once approval is given then the record will be deleted so please be patient and wait to get a notification that your request has been fulfilled.

The Information Management Committed (IMC) is working to simplify and streamline this administrative processes for the benefit of our member dojos.  Please follow these simple instructions in order to ensure that any search and update to the members information is accurate. 

Please let us know if you are having anyy issues <>.