Dear dojo-cho,
Welcome to the Shin Kaze online Iaido Promotion Application Form.
This Form is used for registering Iaido promotions (Kyu and Dan) for your students and for requesting the corresponding kyu certificates.


The overall process is as follows.

  1. As Iaido Instructor, you fill and then submit this form to process your students’ kyu promotions.
  2. After submitting the form, the information it contains is validated and if any issues are found, you are prompted to correct them.
  3. Once all the information has been validated, it is saved in the database as a record.
  4. The process is repeated for all students to be promoted, a Iaido certificate in PDF format is generated for each student and is emailed to you along with an invoice.
  5. Once you receive the certificates, please pay the bill promptly, print the certificates, and distribute them to your students.


  1. Complete this form for each student to be promoted, and then click on the “Submit” button.
  2. Not all fields are *required, however wherever possible please complete even non-required fields. Please make sure all fields that are *required are accurate, especially dates. Fields 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 are required for validation and some fields will appear on the certificate.
  3. The Dojo Name and Dojo ID# are really important, as they connect the student’s information to the dojo. Make sure you select the correct Dojo ID# to match the one in the Dojo Name field just above it.
  4. For promotions to 2nd kyu use “none” in the “Current Rank” field. (This is the default value for this field.)
  5. If the candidate has no rank, in the field “Current Rank” select “none” in the field “Date of Current Rank” input the same date as in the field “Date Started Iaido”
  6. If you do not have the actual “Date of Current Iaido rank” use an approximate date. Please ensure there is enough time to accommodate the number of practice days between the “Promotion Date” and the “Date of Current rank”.
  7. The minimum number of days of practice required since the previous promotion are built into the validation process, and must be met so the form is not rejected. These are follows:
Iaido RankExamination (minimum days practice)Examination Requirements
2nd kyu60 daysmisc
1st kyu60 daysmisc
Shodan80 daysmisc
Nidan100 daysmisc
Sandan200 daysmisc
Yondan300 daysmisc
Godan500 Daysmisc

Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues you can’t resolve. The Shin Kaze Customer Service email address is: