Dear dojo-cho,
Welcome to the Shin Kaze online Kyu Promotion Application Form.
This Form is used for registering kyu promotions for your students and for requesting the corresponding kyu certificates.

The overall process is as follows

  1. As dojo-cho you fill and then submit this Form for processing your students’ kyu promotions.
  2. After submitting a set of forms, the information on them is validated and if any issues are found you are notified and asked to correct them.
  3. Once all information has been validated, kyu certificates are generated in PDF format and are emailed to you together with an invoice.
  4. Once you receive the certificates you pay the invoice, print the certificates and distribute them to your students.


  1. All fields are required. Please do not leave any field blank.
  2. You will need to complete this form for each kyu candidate and then click on the “Submit” button, once information for each candidate has been input.
  3. The minimum number of days of practice required since the previous promotion are as follows:
    6th kyu    at the discretion of the instructor
    5th kyu    60 days
    4th kyu    80 days
    3rd kyu    100 days
    2nd kyu    200 days
    1st kyu    300 days.
  4. For promotions to 6th kyu use “none” in the “Current Rank” field. (“none” is already in the current rank field without having to select it).
  5. The Dojo Name and Dojo ID are really important. That is how we ensure that the candidate’s data gets connected to the correct dojo. Find your dojo in the Dojo Name field and you will see the correct Dojo ID# in the name so you will have a clear reference when you choose the Dojo ID#.

Please let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues you can’t resolve. Our email address is: .