Welcome to aikido-db.com, the ONLY searchable Aikido Database featuring near DVD quality streaming MPEG 4 video material which is viewable through a mobile app available as a FREE download from the Online App store! The app allows you to access almost 650 different video clips populating the database featuring such notewhorthy Aikido instructors as Yamada, Kanai and Sugano Senseis plus other Shihan and senior instructors from the United States Aikido Federation and other Aikido federations.

This database is powered online by Filemaker Server and can access via iOS operating system on iPhone/iPad and via Desktop OS using browsers like Safari, Chrome or Firefox. But for the best possible experience use Filemaker Go 17 available FREE, at the following link:
Filemaker Go App for iPhone and iPad

Download Options once Filemaker GO is installed on your device:

  1. Download a launcher file for online access and save to Filemaker Go: Aikido Launcher File
  2. Install the database on your iPad download this file and save to Filemaker Go: Aikido Database File

To access via mobile android devices and desktop web browsers, click the link below. Then choose the database for your platform and login as a Guest Account: Desktop and Android Device Access

If you have any questions see the Tutorial Page at the bottom of that page there is a comment form, please use that if you need some extra help.