Welcome to Aikido-db.com, the online searchable Aikido Database featuring near DVD quality streaming MPEG 4 video material which is viewable through a mobile app available as a FREE download from the Online App store! The app allows you to access the 550+ unique clips altready populating the database.

This database is powered online by Filemaker Server and can NOW be accessed through virtually all mobile devices including Android and iOS operating systems and via Desktop OS via browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox. But for the best possible mobile experience use Filemaker Go 14 app for iPhone or iPad! Filemaker Go 14 is now available FREE, just go to the following links to download: Filemaker Go app for iPhone and Filemaker Go app for iPad!

Once you have downloaded and installed Filemaker Go 14 on your iPad and/or iPhone, the following description will get you into the database: Once installed and activated, you will see the Filemaker Go screen on your device, navigate to the Hosts pane via link on the bottom of the window, tap on the "Hosts" button on the left hand upper corner. In the "Hosts" pane, tap on the "Add Host" link and type in "aikido-db.biz" then choose and type in a "Host Name" and tap on "save".

"aikido-db.biz" will appear in the "Hosts" window, tap on the "AIKIDO_DBmb" link and you will get a dialogue box named Opening File to Login to "AIKIDO_DBmb", tap on the "Login as Guest" choose "Files" and your there. From the front page choose "Layouts" inside the actons folder at upper left hand corner to choose alternate layouts which can be used to search, find and view techniques!

To view via Android mobile Devices and Desktop web browsers, click the link below. Then choose the database for your platform (AIKIDO_DBdt for most browsers and AIKIDO_DBandroid for Android devices and Chrome Desktop browsers) then just login as a Guest Account. Follow the same instructions as above: