Once you have negotiated to the database log-in page whether on mobile via Filemaker GO or on desktop or android devices using a browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox, then you are ready to “Sign in as a Guest” and select the database appropriate for your platform (android or mb).  You will find yourself on the opening page (see below) and initial video of the Aikido Database.  Use the pull down menu on the upper left of the tool bar (named Layout).  In the pullddown menu select the Layout tab and choose from “Selector”, “Viewer” or “List” view into the database.


“Selector” layoutadb.biz-Selector

“Viewer” layoutadb.com-Viewer-View

“List” layoutadb.biz-List-ViewBy using any of the fields you can search for video links of interest based on any combination of search selections.  If you do a search in the “List” view, select the clip and change the layout to either the “Selector” or “Viewer” in order to view your selection.  Or choose to search using the “Selector” layout, then move from selection to selection via the navigation device in the toolbar at the top left of the application window.  Both find and sort buttons are available on the toolbar as well.

adb.biz-ViewerWhen you are finished with your search and viewing your selected video material please remember to exit the Application (see the Exit Appication button at the lower right hand of the application window) as there is a limit of 5 concurrent viewers to access the material (online versions only).  Any questions about the use and access to the database, please use the form below.