Online Database Tutorial

After you have arrived at the database regardless of which platform (iPad with FM GO or web based with a modern browser) this is what you will see:

Use the pull down menu in the upper left hand corner labelled “Layout” from which you can use the viewing layout to select the video material for your search criteria. This is what that layout will look like:

You can do as simple or as complex search criteria using the different fields which will become available once you click on the “Find” icon in the navigation bar at the top. The looser the selection criteria (i.e. number of fields selected), the more clips will be in the final list the more criteria the less number of clips will be in the list. To see what you have selected in “List” layout this is what it will look like:

Finally the best way to view your selections is within the “Viewer” mode from the layout pulled down menu and will look like this: